Autopsy and Necropsy Services for Pets

Offered by Board Certified Pathologists

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After a family pet passes away, the owners are left wondering why, and whether anything could have been done to save the pet. A post-mortem examination is a very informative service. This exam is minimally traumatic and often overlooked. It can provide a wealth of information for you as a pet owner as well as your veterinarian.

“Autopsy” refers to an examination of a deceased human. When the same examination is done on a deceased non-human animal, the procedure is called a “necropsy”. For meaningful microscopic tissue examination, a veterinary pathologist should be consulted. During the necropsy, the internal organs are examined for evidence of disease or injury. Portions of the organs and tissues are then removed, specially processed and analyzed by a veterinary pathologist.

Necropsy Services Group provides a highly personal, professional and comprehensive service to veterinarians and pet owners who want to know why their companion has died.