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Autopsy and Necropsy Services for Pets

Offered by board certified pathologists

After a family pet passes away, the owners are left wondering why, and whether
anything could have been done to save the pet.  Often, the pet owner feels some
responsibility for the death.  A postmortem examination is a very informative
service.  This exam consists of removing, specially processing and
examining the pet’s organs and preserving small portions for
microscopic evaluation by a veterinary pathologist.  The
procedure can provide a wealth of information for both the
pet owner and the veterinarian.


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Complete Necropsy Examination

“Autopsy” generally refers to this procedure in human medicine while “necropsy” is the term traditionally used in veterinary medicine.  These terms, in the context of this discussion, are used to mean the same thing and are therefore interchangeable.

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Cause of Death Determination

Necropsy Services Group (NSG) provides a highly personal, specialized, professional and comprehensive service to veterinarians and pet owners who want to know why their companion has died.

Necropsy Request Form

Veterinary Professionals: Submit your necropsy request online and we will send your results electronically. You will also be given a login ID and password which you can use to check the progress of your necropsy and download the final report from this web site.


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